Ugly Aur Pagli


Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey

Directed by

Sachin Khot

Produced by

Pritish Nandy
Rangita Pritish Nandy

Music by

Romantic Comedy

Synopsis   |   Director's Note   |   Producer's Note

We have all heard of soft romantic comic love stories.

Now get set for a love story with a punch, a thud and some serious arm twisting thrown in with zero bedside manners.

Ugly aur Pagli.

It is the story of Kabir, a carefree guy who has been studying engineering for the last 10 years now, whose life goes for a sixer when he meets the quirky and kinky Kuhu. Kabir always wanted a girl to love but he never in his wildest dreams thought he would encounter a girl who could make him dance around circles, run semi naked, ride cycles without seats, wear high heeled ladies shoes…

Oh trust us it gets worse.

Get set for one of the quirkiest love stories of the year!

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