Lucky Ali, Gauri Karnik, Simone Singh,
Achint Kaur, Divya Dutta

Directed by

Tanuja Chandra

Produced by

Pritish Nandy
Rangita Pritish Nandy

Music by

M M Kreem

Synopsis   |   Director's Note

Vikramaditya Singh runs this great music school. Apart from being a great teacher, he is a very famous singer himself, longing to find a great new voice, someone who the world will recognise as his greatest and most worthy find.

In a small Goan village he stumbles across Tina Marie singing in a church choir. He is so impressed by her voice and singing skills that he decides to steal her away and take her to his school so that he can train her himself. As he takes Tina under his tutelage and trains her, she falls completely and helplessly in love with him.

However, when Vikramaditya realizes Tina’s brilliance, he begins to feel jealous. He starts competing with her and trying to break her confidence. Shattered, Tina runs away. It is then that Vikramaditya realises what he has done to her. He pursues her relentlessly, requesting her to come back with him. She tries to resist him as much as she can but finally gives in. She agrees to sing with him at the concert arranged by his music company to release his new album.

This performance forms the thrilling climax of the film because just seconds before he is supposed to go onstage with Tina, Vikramaditya vanishes. The management panics because no one can contact him anywhere and to buy time they put Tina onstage. Tina explodes on stage like a star. While far away, sitting alone in his car, Vikramaditya listens to her on the radio. He breaks down as there is thunderous applause for he knows that Tina has finally become this great star he had always wanted to create.

Sur is an amazing tale of true love, ambition, and sacrifice. Of two hearts brought together forever by the power of music.

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Director & CEO
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Did you know?

Lucky Ali was this huge singing sensation when PNC launched him in two movies. Sur and Kaante. Sur’s music, created by MM Kreem, remains the biggest hit among all PNC soundtracks.

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