Sanjay Dutt, Aishwarya Rai, Zayed Khan

Directed by

Leena Yadav

Produced by

Pritish Nandy
Rangita Pritish Nandy

Music by

Vishal & Shekhar

Synopsis   |   Director's Note   |   Producer's Note

Gladiators and authors have one thing in common: They challenge their own power to alter reality. And relationships. Love is the first casualty in any such battle. Shabd is one such amazing story. Of great love, unyielding passion, desperate moments between three people who cannot do without each other.

Shabd is the story of Shaukat. Confident author, caring husband, waylost wordsmith. Shabd is the story of Antara. His sensitive, vulnerable wife, desperate for love. And Shabd is the story of Yash. A young man impossible not to fall in love with.

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Director & CEO
Contact: +91 22 4213 0000

Did you know?

Shabd was Leena Yadav’s debut movie. Yet Aishwarya Rai took barely a minute to say yes to the screenplay. So did Sanjay Dutt. But the reference to a sardar joke in the film resulted in angry Sikhs storming the PNC office, demanding the scene be cut. It was.

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