Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi?


Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak,
Dalip Tahil, Irawati Harshe Mayadev,
Anu Menon, Navniit Nisshan &
Ranvir Shorey

Directed by

Saurabh Shukla

Produced by

Pritish Nandy
Rangita Pritish Nandy

Music by

Ankur Tewari

Synopsis   |   Director's Note   |   Producer's Note

3 couples. An 8 year old marriage and a 1 night stand to end all others. Pritish Nandy Communications presents a Rajat Kapoor
co-production of the year’s most outrageously funny comedy that starts with a night of questions and ends up in bed with zero answers!

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi catches Rahul (Rajat Kapoor) waking up on a very heavily hung-over morning with his wife Mitali’s (Iravati Harshe) constant cribbing. Whilst her voice crashes through his head he remembers snatches of a conversation he had the previous night, at a party, with a stunning young woman, Sophia (Neha Dhupia). As he blinks through his thoughts he stumbles on the fact that one thing led to another and Sophia and he got drunk, talked a lot and finally ended up in bed making crazy love to each other— or did they? The end of the night remains hazy.

What’s worse is that Mitali just can’t seem to keep it together around him — she’s livid, she’s upset, she’s not telling him why— all rolled into one and Rahul keeps thinking back to the previous night and wondering if she caught a whiff of what happened the previous night with Sophia.

As Rahul chases his night for answers, his friends Saxena (Dalip Tahil) and Amit (Vinay Pathak) are suffering through their own marital crises! This one’s an outlandish comedy from the team of Bheja Fry that promises no dull moments!

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