Truly Peerless


The Peerless General Finance & Investment Company Limited

Produced by

Pritish Nandy Communications

Written & Directed by

Meghna Gulzar

Music by

Tanuj Tiku


6 mins 35 sec

India today is about change. 63% of India is young, below the age of 32. Ready to challenge the future. Peerless India is a company that represents the India of today–poised to take on tomorrow.

Peerless is an 80 year young company focused on diversification, growth and performance. From pioneering the culture of savings, to creating and distributing its own innovative financial products, Peerless has since moved into Healthcare & Hospitals, Housing and Hospitality. And from 2006, the company has emerged as a financial supermarket, distributing insurance and mutual fund products. Peerless is constantly reinventing itself to stay a step ahead.

Almost 80 years of tradition, trust and the deepest commitment to customers and India. About 50 million depositors, 40 million of whom have been already paid back on time. A spotless and unquestionable track record. 180 billion maturity payments made. Never a slip unpaid, never a customer dishonored. Around 100,000 smart guides to connect remote corners of India, where even banks did not dare to go. From Kashmir to Coimbatore, Mumbai to Midnapur, Kannur to Port Blair, Peerless has put in place cutting-edge systems and processes to fulfill each investor’s unique need, ensure the best returns–and always on time.

A group strength of 1500 people operating out of over 158 offices in 24 states servicing one person.


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