At the heart of our movie making business is PNC’s creative team that visualises, creates, designs and executes every campaign, poster, book, banner and product that helps us connect with our target audience worldwide.

A young and dynamic team of professionals who are constantly driven by excellence, passion and out-of-the-box ideas because we believe that the battle for mindshare begins with one simple idea.

At the PNC Design Studio, it’s our constant endeavour to bring value to our clients and build long standing relationships. We believe that we are known and will be remembered not just by our work but also by the people we work with.

Our defining strength lies in the fact that we seek challenges and thrive on the responsibility of meeting them head on. So whether it’s conceptualizing, designing and printing product campaigns, corporate communication, books, catalogues and brochures, outdoor and indoor branding, audio-visual communication, merchandise, we do it all.

Call us if you like our work. We’d love to hear from you.

Ishita Pritish Nandy

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