Pritish Nandy Communications Unveils Its New Brand Identity!

To coincide with the release of their 25th film, Shaadi Ke Side/Effects starring Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan and releasing on 28th February, Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd (PNC) has just unveiled their new brand identity. This new brand identity includes a sparkling new logo, a new symbol, new typography and an animated 3D film with a toolkit for multiple adaptations. The colors of the new brand identity however remain unchanged. PNC’s original house colours, red, black and white have been retained for continuity and immediate recall.

The new brand identity celebrates the 4 cornerstones of PNC’s ideology: Courage, Imagination, Passion and Excellence. The new symbol, the Nandi bull denotes these very qualities, even as it asserts the impassioned energy that drives one of the most successful creative ventures in the Indian motion picture space.

Pritish Nandy, Chairman PNC, says “We are a young and creative content company. We began with news, moved on to television and finally settled into the business of making movies. The new logo embodies this restless spirit of change. It encompasses our past and will, we hope, lead us into our future. Through font, color, and striking symbology we are moving into the brave, new era of today’s cinema. We have always experimented with new ideas, tried to discover new themes, explore spaces we have never been to. The new logo represents that incessant quest which drives and inspires us all in PNC. These are exciting times for the Indian motion picture industry and we want to seize all the opportunities that are opening up, and drive the technological innovations that are happening. Shaadi Ke Side/Effects is part of our changing content profile.”

The new PNC brand identity will be seen across all media and with all 3000 prints of Shaadi Ke Side/Effects going out. It will be phased into PNC’s popular social media streams immediately while a digital campaign will explain the ideas integrated into it.

The 3D animation has been done by Nupur Bhargava of Invisible Rabbit. The new logo and symbol were conceptualised, designed and executed organically at the PNC Design Studio. See the new 3D animated logo exclusively on the official PNC website:

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