Launch of Pritish Nandy’s new collection of poems, Stuck on 1/Forty

Pritish Nandy has returned to poetry after a two-decade hiatus.

Once acclaimed as one of the most exciting Indian poets in English, with a following to die for, he suddenly stopped writing poetry one day.  None of his thirty-two books of poems, some of them runaway bestsellers, were permitted to be reissued as he walked away from his literary pursuits and began his spectacular career in journalism and public life.

This is his second book of poems since then. His first, Again, appeared last year to critical acclaim.

Typically, Nandy plays with form, visual, typography to create a world of his own, unique and resonant with images from his past and present. The man who once redefined Indian poetry is back with his unique play of words and metaphors to take you back to the times when poetry ruled, when thousands of Pritish Nandy’s obsessed fans thronged to readings to hear him speak his lines.

This time, each poem is written in a way that it can be tweeted. The iambic pentameter has yielded way to the new discipline of 140 characters that defines Twitter write.

Read Stuck on 1/Forty to see if Pritish Nandy, poet and raconteur, the ultimate Nowhere Man can spin that magic in you again.

Book launch on 21 July 2012, 5pm at Crossword Bookstores, Kemps Corner, Mumbai by Ranbir Kapoor.

Stuck on 1/Forty is available for Rs. 350 (flexiback) at all leading bookstores across the country. For further information, please contact: Atul Kukreti: (0)9650467003;

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