PNC’s Moksh Wins Most Happening Wellness Brand Award 2011

Moksh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritish Nandy Communications and one of India’s leading wellness brands, received the Most Happening Wellness Brand Award in Mumbai from BIG Brands Research. In a recently organized gala event by BIG Brand Research, the prestigious award was presented to Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy, Director PNC Wellness. In the absence of Mrs Nandy, the award was accepted by Ms Ishita Pritish Nandy, Chief Brand Strategist PNC and Mr Aspi Kotwal who runs operations at Moksh. Noted author and columnist Mr Chetan Bhagat presented the award.

BIG Research is an organization dedicated to identification and felicitation of the best performers in different industries, business categories and geographies. BIG Research is a multi-faceted organization that has several business interests including market research and brand management. When contacted Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy said “The Award to Moksh makes us feel hugely rewarded for the decade of struggle we invested into building India’s first wellness brand and place. Starting a new idea is never an easy idea and Moksh began a little ahead of its time. But we are lucky that the concept of wellness has finally caught on and everyone wants to be fit, healthy, good looking, happy. It is no longer cool to be grumpy and unfit. We delight in this transformation and are now about to launch a Zip version of Moksh for those who are short on time and yet want to be a Moksh citizen in spirit.”

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