Moksh & Hindustan Times launch Mission Fitter Mumbai 2011, Mumbai’s biggest wellness festival

Moksh and Moksh Zip, wholly owned subsidiaries of Pritish Nandy Communications and one of India’s leading wellness brands, alongwith Hindustan Times, are launching a week-long wellness extravaganza Mission Fitter Mumbai for the citizens of Mumbai. This seven day, non-profit initiative, will be hosted from 21st November to 27th of November 2011 at Moksh, The Wellness Place at Breach Candy. Some of the workshops will also be hosted by the newly opened express facility, Moksh Zip, located at Warden Road.

The weeklong workshops, which begin as early as 8 in the morning and continue through the day till 10 at night, will range from the classic and popular forms of workouts like Passion Yoga, Power Yoga, Cool Yoga for Couples, Yoga for Kids, Pilates, Bollywood Aerobics, Bollywood Dance for Adults and Kids, Salsa, Kickboxing, Ballroom Dance, Martial Arts, Diet & Lifestyle Counseling, Art of Ageing to new age, exotic workouts like CrossFit, Capoeira, TRX, ViPR, Core Synergistics Training, Tango & Paso Doble, Boot Camp, Zumba, Gym Sessions, Belly Dance, Pole Dance, Lap Dance, Freestyle Dance, Rebounding & Agility training and much, much more. Some of the city’s finest and most accomplished professionals will be coming in to conduct these workshops, which includes experts like Sandip Soparrkar, Reza Massah, Mehul Kumar, Ziauddin Khatib, Madhuri Ruia, Shalini Bhargava, Dheepesh Bhatt, Smeeta Shitole, Kunal Sharma, Yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra, Dr Pratima Rajan, Veronica Simas De Souza, Kunjan Kanakia, Shilpa Rane, Lavina Khanna, Abhishek Zaveri and Dance India Dance winner, Salman Khan.

This seven day affair is exclusively for the citizens of Mumbai because unfortunately, people in India still pursue age old gymming tactics in the hope that it will improve and enhance the quality of their lives. This is the perfect way to make people understand, by virtue of their interaction with various specialists and professionals, that there are far more fun, adventurous and exotic ways to achieve wellness as a whole rather than just pursue the stale and outdated concept of fitness. This is our opportunity to introduce the common man to a whole new world of wellness, as we see it.

Says Rina Pritish Nandy, “This festival attempts to bring the notion of fitness closer to the common Mumbaikar. HT is a powerful media platform and Moksh, and it’s exciting new adaptation Moksh Zip, form the city’s premier wellness brand. HT and Moksh get together at this festival to offer an exciting new menu of fitness products that will hopefully tempt people to come and experience them free and improve the quality of their lives.

The HT Mission Fitter Mumbai campaign works in perfect unison with the Moksh philosophy of making wellness a serious but delightful option to keep yourself optimally fit. The basic cardio and strength regime have been made much more fun. To that we have added an amazing variety of delightful new options. Passion Yoga, a Moksh innovation, Zumba, the current dance rage, Bootcamp, ViPR and Crossfit for those who want to test their limits, and Capoeira, Pilates, Salsa, Power Yoga, TRX, Kickboxing, Tango and Paso Doble, Freestyle Dance, Bollywood Aerobics, Classic Ballroom Dancing, latest rages in martial arts like Kudo, Aikijujutsu and Laido and many other mind-boggling options like Lap Dancing, Belly Dancing and Pole Dancing—Mumbai’s favourites. Have fun! Stay fit! And, remember, it’s free but you must register well in advance to avoid the rush because the workshops will be conducted by the best and most exciting professionals in the city. Bring your kids also for Bollywood Dancing and Yoga for Kids. Come sample the best of fitness options! Who knows? Any of these workshops may change your life!”

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