Pyaar Ke Side Effects Notebook

We at Pritish Nandy Communications have just published our second utility book, as a merchandizing extension of one of our most successful films, Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects, other than being one of our favorite productions, spun off an entire generation of Trishas and Sids! Relationships got defined by the ‘Side/Effects’ mantra, men wanted their women to be more like Trisha, women on the other hand cursed their men and warned them against becoming another Sid. In the course of making a movie, we actually became the voice of love for this generation! So how could we leave it at the film?! The Pyaar Ke Side Effects Book, conceptualized and designed by The Design Studio@PNC with words by Ishita Pritish Nandy, relives the film in 13 chapters with some stunning images from the original film and zany cartoons by Hemant Morparia. It also encourages readers to put down Side/Effect-Moments from their own lives, making the book a memorable keepsake for every reader.

The book is now available at all leading Crossword and Planet M stores nationwide. Also available at Rhythm House and Oxford Bookstores.

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