PNC enters the Theatres Business

Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd announces its new business vertical, PNC boutique theatres. The theatres will run under two operating brands, Flix and Flix Grande. The first Flix multiple screen boutique theatre will be ready and running within six months and the second before the year end. “Our objective is to have at least 10 Flix screens in operation in the best locations in the city of Mumbai in the next 18 months and we are already working towards this”, says Pallab Bhattacharya, Director and CEO. “After that, we hope to quicken our pace of growth in the exhibition business.”

“Flix will attempt to be a distinctive experience from the current chains of multiplexes in India and will cater to special audiences. We have seen how, in recent times, audiences are clearly moving away from the traditional and typical Bollywood movie and experimenting with new cinema, new talent, new ideas. PNC pioneered this kind of cinema and will now attempt to pioneer a new kind of viewing experience that will not be in competition with either traditional single screen theatres or the current crop of multiplexes, which are already doing a great job. Flix will be a separate and unique experience. It hopes to build a new community of movie watchers specially committed to the theatrical experience,” says Pritish Nandy, Chairman, PNC.

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