High Point Makes it to Mumbai with Pritish Nandy Communications

Carey Fitzgerald’s London-based High Point Media Group today announced joining forces with one of India’s best known motion picture companies, Mumbai-based Pritish Nandy Communication in the first such deal of its kind. With High Point poised to position PNC’s titles for the international market outside India, the partnership kicks off with the latest PNC film, EK THO CHANCE (LAST CHANCE MUMBAI) set in today’s Mumbai.

Esteemed Indian director, Saeed Akhtar Mirza, whose last film and Directors’ Fortnight selection at Cannes, Naseem, won international plaudits, was coaxed out of retirement after 13 years by Pritish Nandy to make the film, which takes a kaleidoscopic look at 24 hours in the Indian metropolis. Described as “the other side of Mumbai to Slumdog”, LAST CHANCE MUMBAI follows the mixed fortunes of varying characters who populate the city and who, from lowly thief to wealthy fashion hotshot, cover a wide spectrum of socio-economic background.

Producer, Pritish Nandy, whose company, Pritish Nandy Communications, spearheaded the corporatization of Bollywood and is one of India’s first listed entities in the public space, is widely considered one of the top figures on the Indian film scene. A renowned poet and artist in his own right, not to mention former newspaper editor and Member of the Indian Parliament, he built on the success of his own groundbreaking TV chat show in the late 1990’s to produce a wide range of hugely successful Indian films, including widely acclaimed Berlin selection, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Bow Barracks Forever. Over the past 7 years, PNC has received over 350 national and international award nominations for its films. This year it was the first Indian film company to get the Superbrand status.

Meanwhile, High Point Media Group has steadily gathered international standing and muscle since its foundation nearly 20 years ago, with offices now situated in London, Dublin and Sydney, and departments not simply in worldwide film sales, but also production and TV distribution. With a strong focus on distinctive films with international direction, the company has built up a significant portfolio of titles over the years, including works by such acclaimed directors as Alejandro Jodorowski, George A Romero, Lenny Abrahamson and Ken Russell, and has garnered an impressive wreath of awards, including nomination at the Oscars. Owned and managed by experienced world sales authority, Carey Fitzgerald, High Point can also claim to be a true independent, with its success rooted exclusively in the success of the films it chooses to get behind.

Speaking about the partnership with High Point, Pritish Nandy said, “We are delighted to join hands with Carey and take our films to a larger global audience than Indian films actually succeed in reaching; we believe High Point with its expertise and experience can help us enhance our international reach and grow the new idiom of Bollywood.”

Carey Fitzgerald is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration, commenting, “India, right now, is a very exciting place for film”. She went on to add, “Not just for his impeccable track record as a producer, but also his vision for the future of Indian cinema, we are thrilled to be working with a force as innovative and forward looking as Pritish Nandy.”

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