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• A different, intriguing, slice of life tale! Lilette and Victor steal the show! INDIATIMES.COM.
• Trust Pritish Nandy Communications to give that crucial thrust to deserving cinema! A must see for those who love stories about
tribulation and redemption. They don’t make films with such ironical integrity anymore! SUBHASH K JHA.
•Bow Barracks Forever captures this heritage community in all its colourful details. A complete winner! Go for it to savour an India that might soon disappear! NIKHAT KAZMI/ THE TIMES OF INDIA.
• Bow Barracks Forever tackles a singularly incisive theme revolving around a neglected district of Kolkata! Superb, great, clap, clap! KHALID MOHAMED/ HINDUSTAN TIMES.
• Bow Barracks Forever soars with the spirit of love, life and hope! It bustles with life! The film engages an impressive ensemble cast with a textured script and colourful characters! It’s a visual treat! THE TELEGRAPH

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